Advantages of PVC carpentry

After polyethylene and poly propylene, Polyvnyl-chloride(PVC) is one of the most widespread plastic mass of our civillization. Except for construction joinery from this material are made sewage and water pipes, cables and wires, various foils, floors, plastic lamperi.


Basic adventage of this material are very low prices, natural resources are not exploiced, yet material is made artificaly, it can be totaly recycled and be in usage again.

Next to these basic characteristics it contributes exelent heat isolation and and contributes to saving for heating of room.
PVC windows contribute sound isolation up to 47 dB. As wall at heat isolation and here big part has glass it self, becouse it contains more than 70% of window.
The adventage of PVC carpentry is that it is very easy for maintanance, resistent to UV radiation, it doesn’t absorb water and it doens’t rust. It is maintained with temproary sweeping with soft rag.
PVC material is resistant to fire and it has the possibility of self-inflamation.