Why to choose ALU materials?

Aluminiums profile with its strength ensures static and stability of built-in element. Aluminiums profiles are very light and they are garanted to have elements that will last long. At aluminium carpentry it is very importnat that you can achive saving of heat energy, their smooth surface area significently lightens maintanance.

Main advantage of aluminium carpentry  is that it does not separate or band acording to weather conditions. Aluminium profile frame is thinner then the wooden and it pass trough more light. Alu materials are much more energetic efficientthen other materials. Alu windows and doors have very nice and elegant look.
Aluminium profiles are ideal for windows with unussuall shapes, it’s easy to produce them in different shapes and forms.
They require very little of maintaning.


Aluminium is specialy recommended for entrance door because material isn’t susceptibleto weather occasions.