The new VEKA-system ARTLINE 82 provides the opportunity to create elegant PVC windows of sophisticated design with large glass surfaces and barely noticeable window frames. It is specific for the new frame, which, viewed from the outside, covers the wing on the inside and can be fully coated with thermal insulation systems. Compared to conventional window systems, this system with its clear lines and large glass surfaces represents a modern and minimalist design.

Even without external insulation, the ARTLINE 82 system has excellent thermal insulation value Uf = 1.0 V / (m² K), and at the same time thanks to the profiles that are visible only from the inside, it optimizes the daylight intake into the rooms. Using the insulation that covers the window frame significantly reduces the loss of heat by the appearance of thermal bridges and significantly improves the thermopotential of this system, achieving the values applicable to passive houses.

• system with a depth of installation of 82 mm with the ability to almost completely cover the stem for the elegant appearance of the glass surface

• Top thermal insulation system with hidden wing profile

• coefficient of heat transfer even to Uw = 0.67 W / (m²K) using thermo-triple glass with Ug 0.4 W / (m²K)

• The distance of the 28 mm glass window reduces the appearance of a heat bridge

• Large selection of glass thickness from 34 to 60 mm

• Possibility to select all colors from the RAL pallet using al – coating

• Best VEKA class A- quality with thickness of exterior walls according to DIN EN 12608