How to recognize quality?


If you are changing or you are setting up new carpentry next to prise you should pay attetnion on some other very important things. Quality of carpentry means quality material which is built in carpentry. Its impossible to see these things on first sight, and they significently affect how long will carpentry last. During shopping of carpetry most people focus their attention on prise of product, but the quality is not always decided by good prise.

Primarly significant part on quality carpentry has a lot of air chambers, as well as built-in profile depth. The more chambers there are that will make isolation better. Next parameter that is very important is external window thickness. All the better manufactors use profiles that belong in A class.
Also it is very important for fittings to have big quality, which will show up very easely during opening and closing of window. Windows with quality fittings won’t lose their functionality during time and it will be always opened and closed correctly which is not the case with bad fittings.

Big role in heat and sound isolation has some glass.
Alufix has production plant for production of glass and thus it attaches great importance to quality and it devotes full attention to its production. Produciton of most qulity glass is what puts us above the others. Very important is montage and integration of carpentry.  For integration of carpentry it is neccesery to be done by professional becouse otherwise there will be a lot of problems. If carpentry was set up badly it losses on functionality, also it can lose isolators value which is one of the most important attributes.
Alufix has the most straightforward frame for contruction and montage of carpentry and with our built-up we garante longevity.