PVC Carpentry

Advantages of PVC carpentry

After polyethylene and poly propylene, Polyvnyl-chloride(PVC) is one of the most widespread plastic mass of our civillization. Except for construction joinery from this material are made sewage and water pipes, cables and wires, various foils, floors, plastic lamperi.

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ALU Carpentry

Why to choose ALU materials?

Aluminiums profile with its strength ensures static and stability of built-in element. Aluminiums profiles are very light and they are garanted to have elements that will last long. At aluminium carpentry it is very importnat that you can achive saving of heat energy, their smooth surface area significently lightens maintanance.

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How to recognize quality?


If you are changing or you are setting up new carpentry next to prise you should pay attetnion on some other very important things. Quality of carpentry means quality material which is built in carpentry. Its impossible to see these things on first sight, and they significently affect how long will carpentry last. During shopping of carpetry most people focus their attention on prise of product, but the quality is not always decided by good prise.

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